1.4 billion people worldwide suffer from NCDs and need to control sodium intake.

Are you offering what they need?

Delicious flavors with less salt. 13-Low Sodium Cooking Sauces at THAIFEX 2024​
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Why Choose Low Sodium Cooking Sauce?

Unlock a multitude of benefits for your food processing business with our innovative Low Sodium Cooking Sauce and 0% Sodium Salt. Designed to meet the growing demand for health-conscious products, our offerings provide unparalleled advantages:

Healthy-Driven Innovation

  • Meet Consumer Demand: With rising awareness about health and wellness, consumers are actively seeking low sodium options. Our products align perfectly with this trend, ensuring your products cater to this growing market.
  • Enhance Nutritional Profile: Offering low sodium options can help your products stand out for their health benefits, appealing to consumers who prioritize heart health and overall well-being.
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Premium Quality & Taste

  • No Compromise on Flavor: Our Low Sodium Cooking Sauces deliver rich, savory taste without the high sodium content, ensuring that your products remain delicious and satisfying.
  • Natural Ingredients: Free from artificial colors and flavors, our sauces and salt maintain a clean label, enhancing your brand’s reputation for quality and transparency.

Market Differentiation & Value Addition

    • Elevate Your Brand: Incorporating low sodium products into your range can boost your brand’s value, positioning you as a leader in health-conscious food solutions.
    • Increase Price Point: Health-focused products often command a premium price. By offering low sodium options, you can elevate your product’s market value.

Compliance & Safety

    • Adhere to Health Standards: Our Low Sodium Cooking Sauces and 0% Sodium Salt meet stringent food safety and health standards, ensuring your products are safe, reliable, and compliant with global regulations.
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Consumer Trust & Loyalty

    • Build Trust: Providing health-conscious options helps build trust with your consumers, fostering brand loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.
    • Expand Your Customer Base: Tap into new market segments, including individuals with dietary restrictions, health-conscious families, and fitness enthusiasts.
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Healthy & Delicious low sodium sauces